Wednesday, August 5, 2009

thing 21

I forgot to add this blog to my list. I have been podcasting for about a year and love it. I use info in my classes and now creating a vairety of lessons.
My wiki spaces have many podcast lessons that you can view. One wiki space i use is for my outdoor ed. class. To view, go to right side where navigator is located. I have about 10 more podcasts to add, but have not had a chance to get those up on the site yet.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I enjoyed the lessons offered to me in 23 things. There is so much information and I will be going back to lessons to become more proficient. I needed to get through this and did not have a lot of time this summer to really spend quality time reading and playing with each lesson . I have made notes where I want to go back and learn more as well as reference things that I want to use.
This is a great opportunity to become more aware of tools that are out there for us to use and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to become more proficient in this area.
I have used some of the lessons this summer with summer school and found that the kids enjoyed making trading cards, finding out about flicker and other sites.

Friday, July 10, 2009

thing 22-nings

Not a fan of this. I have no desire to connect socially on the Internet. My children facebook, I don't. I have no desire to communicate w/ them on facebook. I know many parents get on w/ their kids to see what they are doing, etc, but I respect my kids privacy on this matter. I don't need to check up on them in college, they earned our trust years ago and that is why they get to go away for college instead of doing Uof H or some other local school. When they are home for the holidays, they let me see their facebook pages so I can see pics they load there.
I will never-I know, never say never- facebook w/ my students or athletes. I don't think this is appropriate and can't believe we are encouraged to do so- especially with the things that have been reported in the news about inappropriate things between students and teachers. I don't have the time to spend on the computer during the day and after my hours after school, I need to do "personal time" with my friends and family. I do network with others in my field but not this way.
My students will be connecting with other students around the world in my aerobics classes and I am looking at ways we will set this up for them.

thing 20-you tube,zamzar

LOVE this. I can't get to you tube on district server although I have been told for a year we will soon be able to. What I did for my Outdoor classes is download you tube lessons on my home computer, transfer them through zamzar and then upload them on my wikis and server for use. It has been great as I think there are experts that can teach a quick demonstration of a skill more accuratly than I can. I wish that I could embed one of my you tube clips, but my laptop does not work at home-already been reimaged and still does not work on internet, etc. I will try to remember to embed a video when I get back to school this fall and can use my laptop.
My students have loved the clips and I ;have downloaded some funny ones about fishing, etc.
I am taking this a step futher w/ my studnets and their tech. skills by having them watch a mini lesson, then they film themselves doing the skill, and download it to wiki for future instruction. I have been doing this with the rope knots and the kids love to see themseves and then become the teacher.
Teacher tube is good as well, but have not downloaded from there.

thing 19-web 2.0 awards list

I will mark this one for use. There are some good things for my health fitness classes to use for motivation, etc. I was interested in food as I grew up with a professional culinary chef(mom). I actually like my sites better, but I will use some of these for my students in my aerobics class where we will study nutrition and healthy eating, recipes to try, etc.
I like comiquez as I will have my students use this for presentations, responses, etc.. One sentence is funny, and if I ever get time to play around on the computer, I will return to this site. When I taught English, I used descriptive phrases to decorate the ceiling of my classroom. Students loved to look up and comment about them and I think it helped their writing scores. I would do this in the gym ceiling to put up sporty phrases, but...
The Health section will be good to use with my aerobics class as they reserach and read off the internet.
Wikis- already using PB and LOVE it !!!
Mobil tech- not for me. I still can't believe people twitter. I text instead.
Sprotes- district has similar sites we use
I will mark this thing and come back later when my classes start and gets the studnets to let me know what they find useful.

thing 18- on line tools

The templets are similar to the ones I already use, but I don't want to have to go online to use these. The fact that you can download ware to use is fine, but I don't have a need for this one. I will make notes for the future in case I ever do. The disadvantages for me are I would have to learn a new program, screen is a little different. Advantages: everyone can access and use download.

thing 17-rollyo

As I began things 23 several weeks ago, I decided to first go through everything and play around with each thing. I made notes on the ones I needed time to spend more time with, ones I could immediately use, etc. For this one, I had a big X on it as I didn't think it would be useful to me very much bc there are other tools for research I can use.
I can see how others would use this for student research as students would be directed to the sites the teacher wanted them to go go and could build up a specific search engine for research.